Cable Television: The First 50 Years


Cable World Salutes The National Cable Television Center and Museum's Hall of Fame Inductees

George Barco,

Bill Daniels

Irving Kahn

Bob Magness

Martin Malarkey

Milton Shapp

Chapter 1 - An Industry Is Born

Introduction: Revolutionaries With a Vision

An Industry Is Born

The NCTA Through the Years


Chapter 2 - A Hell of a Business

A Hell of a Business


Chapter 3 - The Big Players Arrive

The Big Players Arrive

The Great Pay TV Experiments

COMING OF AGE: Cable Gets its own Trade Press


Chapter 4 - The Dark Ages

The Dark Ages

Going into a Tough Stretch

Here's a look at some of the forces that hammered the cable industry during the mid-1960s and early 1970s.

Engineers Form SCTE Trade Group


Chapter 5 - The Satellite Breakthrough

The Satellite Breakthrough

Chapter 6 - The Programmers

The Programmers


Chapter 7 - The Growth Era

The Growth Era


Chapter 8 - The Deregulation Era

The Deregulation Era


Chapter 9 - Big Money

Big Money


Chapter 10 - Return to Rereg

Return to Rereg

The Door-To-Door Billionaire


Chapter 12 - A Bright Future